Frequently asked questions

What do we wear to our session?

Try to keep your styling casual and neutral. Avoid bright colours and big logos.

Neutral colours of the earth and our surroundings will never out date. All earthy colours will always complement each other just perfectly.

I have a client wardrobe filled with over 10 beautiful dresses most flexible in sizing, One size fits all or a few fixed sizes. All of these dresses are perfect for mums, bumps and postpartum.

Ill send you my client wardrobe link prior to your session and all you have to do is choose the pieces you would like to wear and ill steam them and bring them along.

My kids and mens range is also growing.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Absolutely. I can either email them to you or post a hard copy. All gift vouchers are vaild for 3 years. Direct deposit or cash is excepted.


What is the turn around time for our gallery?

All galleries have a turn around time of 3 weeks and will be delivered to your emails via a private online gallery.

Sneak peaks are given out within 24hours. 


Where are you located and do you travel?

Im Located in Collie and yes all travel 30 minutes outside of the Collie area will be quoted for.


Lets make magic

You may regret not getting family memories captured but you will never regret having them taken ~