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untitledLa Lu Photo Kita-120.jpg


I’m Nikita, and this is my family.


I live in beautiful Collie, WA with my wonderful partner, three hilarious and wild children, two dogs and a bird named Speck! Our house is noisy, chaotic and full of laughter. I love spending my weekends out in the bush or fishing on the river - we’re an outdoorsy bunch.

I’ve always been creative, and before I started my photography journey I was a hairdresser for over ten years.


I love being a creator, and being able to record precious moments for gorgeous families really does feel like a dream come true! It lights a little fire in me and I get warm fuzzies at every single session.


For me, photography is more than just a job. It’s my passion, I’m hooked on it and I know that I’ll be doing this for as long as I can.


Capturing memories that you’ll treasure forever is so incredibly rewarding, and I truly appreciate how lucky I am to do it.


So tell me about you. Let me guess: you’re not a professional model, and maybe you’re a little worried you won’t know what to do with your arms, or that the kids might get into a bit of mischief.


Do you want to feel relaxed and comfortable just being yourself?


Are you wanting a photographer who knows what kids are like, and who knows, might even join in with their games?


Do you want to shoot with someone genuine, who is warm-hearted and who will listen to what YOU want?


Then I’m your girl.

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